Georgia Council of Supervisors of Mathematics

Supporting Georgia's K-12 Mathematics


Fall Meeting, Oct. 16, 2024 @Rock EagleMore details to come 

Winter Conference 2025 Date - January 22 - 24, 2025, Jekyll Westin

Moving Georgia Mathematics Education Forward

The Georgia Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (GCSM) is an organization of mathematics leaders in the State of Georgia. 

    Our Purpose:

    • To improve mathematics instruction and teacher education programs
    • To provide information regarding mathematics education
    • To cooperate with other organizations for the improvement of mathematics education.

    Events & Conferences

    We offer workshops and conferences throughout the year. Come to advance your instructor skills or meet with other motivated educators to reimagine Georgia's mathematics classroom experience.

    January 17-19, 2024


    Whether you are a math coach, instructional leader, coordinator, supervisor, math mentor etc., GCSM is for you!

    Check out online resources from NCSM to guide you through supporting teachers with lessons, classroom activities, and tips to facilitate teaching. 











    As educators, we see the myriad of effects that systemic racism takes on in the classroom. It manifests in students homes and their personal lives. It shapes the educational facilities and resources in the classroom. Racial injustice can and largely does prevent access to a high quality educational experience, particularly for black students.

    Correcting racial injustice is critical to our role teachers and leaders in math education. Black Lives Matter is an important movement that not only addresses the unjust and staggering racial violence that our black students face daily, but also highlights that black students deserve a fulfilled life with all the support , security, and educational opportunities of their non-black peers.  Education is fundamental to that fulfilled life. We stand in solidarity and support with protestors, organizers, and every teacher who has the privilege of teaching our amazing black minds.

    Read more from the NCSM President

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